Blog entry #2

These past few days have been pretty busy so I haven’t been able to update this site as much as I’ve been wanting to. ¬†I did buy a Total Gym from Craigslist a 2 days ago so that I can start working out. Working out boosts confidence and confidence is definitely a good thing. The years when I transitioned from high school to college, I think those were the best years of my life. While I was still a people-pleaser, I was a lot more confident and didn’t care what people thought of me as much. I contribute a lot of that to being really really fit. I had less than 7% body fat, which meant solid 6 pack abs. I was in great physical condition and felt great. I ran everyday and lifted weights. I think as my body image started to dwindle when I got lazy was when my people-pleaser characteristics resurfaced. It would be interesting to know if there are studies that correlate being overweight to depression. I am sure this is the case.

There have been a couple times when my tendency to please would come up. The worst part is at work when my managers would demand one thing and the customers demand another. I would have to listen to my managers but the customers would be very upset. What is really helping is this blog. I am looking for precise examples to write in my articles, but because I am doing that, it makes me think rationally. It helps me realize that I should not be personally effected the way I usually am for the trouble that arises at work. Yesterday I was in a situation where our mistake caused $1,500 in damages to a customer’s property. This was a situation where I would normally¬†hyperventilate. While I was personally involved in this incident, I was not personally ¬†liable and that was something that I kept repeating to myself. It was not my fault, because it wasn’t. We people-pleasers tend to take blame and fault for everything and then, we have to fix it. This is the thought process we have to stop and look at the bigger picture.

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