Blog entry #1: At the workplace

There was only one moment today that my people-pleaser personality came out. I am a manager at a tire store and upper management called in an emergency meeting later on that day. The meeting was taking place over 100 miles away and there was no one to close the store because my sales associate put in personal time and did not come to work. He asked me if he could take the day off to move. So I told my manager that I could not make the meeting because there was no one else to close the store. The manager responded by saying, “What do you mean he can’t work today?? Unless he put in a request for personal time weeks ago, refuse to give him today. You are his SUPERVISOR and as his SUPERVISOR, tell him to come into work a 2pm.” At this point, I felt really conflicted. I felt anxiety and panic. I knew this was my people-pleaser side of me kicking in. I did not call my sales associate but just forwarded him the email, the conversation I had with my manager. Luckily, he was able to come in. I have no idea what I would have done if he couldn’t make it.

Also, my boss told me that he is thinking of promoting me and sent me a personality test to take. Even when taking the test, I pick personality traits that I want to be rather than traits that I really am. So far, I haven’t made too much progress from stop being a people-pleaser, but this was only day 2.

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