Welcome! PeoplePleaserRehab.com provides support, community, and informative articles to help others with sociotropy (medical term for people-pleasers). People-pleasers will do everything they can to keep people happy around them. This is usually done at the cost of their own expense. This is a real condition that plagues the lives of millions in the US. People-pleasers don’t want people to think that they are selfish, uncaring or egocentric. People-pleasers will oftentimes over-commit, causing stress to the point of physical harm. People-pleaers are afraid to say no, scared of people in authority, try to foresee the outcome of a situation, hate conflicts, scared of disapointing others, etc. I have created this site because I am a people-pleaser and I want to get better. This is my story and an ongoing blog of my life where I will identify my people-pleasing habits and ultimately get rid of them. This is also a community where you can be heard and where we can seek support from one another.